Beautiful Flowers, Beautiful Relationships and Some Very Special Guests! A Spectacular Wall of Flowers, The President, First Lady and the Mayor of Ecuador, all Part of ExpoFlor Ecuador 2018.

We were so proud to take part in one of the most important events related to the floral industry, the Expoflor Ecuador 2018. We shared space alongside a wide variety of other companies, all coming together for one purpose: To spread love, beauty and inspiration throughout the world with sensational, floral arrangements and to personally connect with our most valued and loyal clients, meet new, potential clientele, enjoy an opportunity to see our beloved friends and embrace people from all over the world.

Our display was the result of an incredible amount of hard work and passion. Our team created a giant wall of fresh and stunning flowers! It took 20,000 stems to construct this extraordinary wall filled with color and full of life! The largest and most unique display of breath-taking floral beauty ever designed for Expoflor Ecuador.

It was one of the most glorious sites at the ExpoFlor and it was hard to miss!

Our team showcased and described the processes involved in the creation of our flowers, and the outstanding quality of care and handling that results in our exceptional floral arrangements.

During the Expo, we were honored to have the President, First Lady and Mayor of Ecuador join us for a visit at our stand. They were so impressed with our distinctive, display of fresh-cut and excellent, flowers that they extended an invitation to us, asking if we would decorate the Presidential Palace for their upcoming visit from the Emir of Qatar.

We had an amazing time at the ExpoFlor, it was a wonderful moment for us to shine and demonstrate what we are about at Esmeralda Farms. By the end of the event, we realized the worldwide recognition and presence we have in the industry and the fortune that we are afforded to touch and inspire so many people with our amazing products, dedication, and hard work.

Now that’s exciting!