The Esmeralda Luxe Collection features new and exclusive selections of carefully bred flowers designed by our Esmeralda Breeding Team. We gladly invite our premium clients to be part of a very exclusive group in the floral industry. You are invited to be among the first to experience this rare opportunity and to try out these distinctive and lovely varieties for yourself before they are introduced on the market.


What could be better than Esmeralda’s celebrated Asters Mardi Gras? Our new DOUBLE Asters! A double dose of radiance and happiness flows from these irresistible flowers with richer petal counts and impressive, longer lasting blooms.

Double Asters

Bursting with Berries!

Creating attention and adding dimension is Esmeralda’s most expressive, all occasion filler. Now delivering an exceptionally high, berry count per stem with  brightly colored, bigger berries to create the most striking arrangements!

New Hypericum

Bigger Berry Size

Let the sky open up and let it rain roses. You won’t find roses like these anywhere on earth!

Bright and unique in sensational colors with large, beautiful blooms and green foliage creating captivating bouquets and arrangements.