Expoflor Ecuador 2018 Was a Huge Success for Us!

During this year’s Expoflor we displayed a wide variety of our matchless flowers. We constructed a giant wall of fresh and brilliantly, colored flowers.

All of our most treasured varieties were on display to show the fruits of our hard work and passion for this wonderful industry. Our varieties included: Eryngium, Gypsophila, Rice Flower, Limonium, Craspedia’s and Statice. We used our beloved, star product, the Over Time Gypsophila for the base and filling, combining the flower’s natural white color as well as its tinted variations in designing our beautiful wall.

We were thrilled to have the President and First Lady of Ecuador visit our stand. They attended the Expo and visited the many sites. They were extremely impressed by our stunning, Wall of Flowers. They fell in love with the display and were so taken by it that they extended an invitation to us to decorate the Presidential Palace for the upcoming visit from the Emir of Qatar.

They were so amazed by our large, gorgeous, floral display that the First Lady had her picture taken standing directly, in front of our incredible wall of flowers and she posted the snapshot to her Instagram page!

Decorating the Presidential Palace was an honor. We displayed our varieties beautifully in order to provide the best atmosphere possible. We are so proud to say that the floral decorations and the event was a big success and the President and First Lady were delighted with our work.

Very well done!