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Discover Esmeralda’s renowned selections

Sourcing Esmeralda Farm Direct!

Blawesomes supply the floral market across Europe, Asia and South America with Esmeralda brand flowers. These extraordinary flowers are world renowed for their beauty, innovation and strictest quality criteria.

About Us

We are very proud to be the new, official distributor of the Esmeralda Brand across Europe, Asia and South America. It is our goal to set the highest standard of excellence in fresh-cut flowers, provide you with personalized attention and remain the supplier of your choice.

Our Flowers

Esmeralda flowers are grown in Ecuador and Colombia in privileged geographical locations. Perfect sunlight, moderate temperatures and refreshing mountain breezes provide optimal conditions to cultivate our healthy, stunning and robust flowers, all year round!

Quality of Service

It’s never been easier to acquire the most magnificent flowers in the world!

Blawesomes was created and designed to become your personal supplier of the Esmeralda brand. Our fresh and captivating flowers, delivered to you, directly from the farm!

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Download our full catalogue to see all of our flower varieties

Contact Us

Please let us know if you need more information about our varieties. We can’t wait to get in touch with you!